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Police Information is a one-stop shop and information centre for Police, Security and Criminal Justice sector workers who are engaged in law enforcement in the UK.

The site contains information on how to join the police, police jobs, police news, police pay and police law. It also hosts the leading UK Police Forum.

Whether you are interested in joining the police, becoming a PCSO or Special Constable, or are a serving or retired police officer, Police Information is the place for you.

Run by ex-police officers and managers with a wealth of police experience, Police Information is one of the leading police websites for the law enforcement community in the UK and has one of the largest and most active police communities on the Internet.

Made up of Police Officers, PCSOs, Special Constables, police staff and members of the security industry, members receive weekly police newsletters, special offers, and communicate with each other online via the Police Forum. They are able to access al the latest police jobs and keep up to date with legislation changes and policing best practice.

For those looking at joining the UK police or any part of the law enforcement community, Police Information provides information to assist you in making the application process easier to understand. You can get the views of serving Police Officers and those who are going through the police recruitment process on the police forum. If the Police Service is the career for you then let Police Information help you to help yourself and make a successful career in the UK Police become a reality.

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  • Police recruitment Information. A section for Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers and Special Constables, which provides information on how to join the UK Police Service.
  • Police Jobs Section. All the information you need to find police jobs, police transfer opportunities, Police Community Support Officer vacancies and Special Constable opportunities.
  • Police Pay. Police pay scales and information on police pay for the various police ranks.
  • Police auctions. Section that lists details of any advertised auctions by UK Police forces and includes a nationwide police auctions alert system.
  • Police Legislation Index. A police law directory with links to Acts and Sections of laws commonly used by police officers and those in law enforcement.
  • Becoming a police officer or PCSO - CD and DVD guides - Our range of How2Become guides will give you the best chance of success by giving you information on all aspects of the recruitment process and giving you insider tips and information.
  • Joining the Police Force. A Police Recruitment section covering the requirements for joining the police force.
  • Training course information section. A popular section where advice is given on some of the best providers of courses, books and DVDs to help in police recruitment applications.
  • Police discussion forum with over 10,000 members. Free for all members and prospective members of the law enforcement community, this is one of the busiest police forums in the UK.
  • Links to useful Police web sites and resources. A host of useful links to other resources for police information including links to all the Police Force websites in the UK.
  • Off Duty - information for retired officers.
  • If you are looking to join the Police, why not get to know those who already have? More info.

If you are looking for the official web sites of the countries Police forces click here.

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In the News
Sussex officers under investigation over use of force in care home 09:12, 5th August GMT
Two officers are under investigation for gross misconduct after the death of a Sussex man who had dementia.
Shortage of child protection officers is impacting, HMI warns 09:00, 5th August GMT
Two forces must improve their child protection work, according to HMI.
Dyfed-Powys to offer PEQF training in Welsh 09:28, 4th August GMT
From September, officers beginning their policing career via the PEQF route will be able to complete parts of their training in Welsh.
'Action will be taken' on ASB, Merseyside tells homeowners 12:13, 4th August GMT
Merseyside has defended its response to ASB after some residents hired private patrols.
Child cruelty sentencing guidelines under revision 10:02, 4th August GMT
Amended sentencing guidelines have been put out today for consultation.
No further action from IOPC in Daniel Morgan inquiry 09:09, 4th August GMT
The IOPC has concluded there are no new avenues of investigation which could result either in criminal or disciplinary proceedings.
Staffordshire signs Armed Forces covenant 11:58, 3rd August GMT
Staffordshire has become the latest force to sign the Armed Forces covenant.
Line of Duty star opens Notts new HQ 15:28, 3rd August GMT
Actress Vicky McClure, otherwise known as Detective Inspector Kate Fleming, officially opened Nottinghamshire's new joint police and fire HQ.
Northamptonshire staff visit resettled families from Afghanistan 12:02, 3rd August GMT
Community officers are building crucial links with vulnerable people who fled from the Taliban.
Lincolnshire "doesn't have effective oversight of use of force in custody" 10:37, 2nd August GMT
A HMICFRS report into Lincolnshire's custody facilities has found it is unable to show when force is used it is always necessary.